I’m sorry, I’ve been a little busy. Learning.

I have neglected my blog for quite some time now so I thought I should explain why I have been MIA. Earlier this year I made a pretty big choice to go back to uni, however this time it would be to do something different. Advertising. Needless to say study on top of my full time job has kept me pretty busy, but I have truly enjoyed it. It feels great to finally study something creative.

I thought I would share one of my projects with you that I worked on with my friends Laura, Ingrid and Sarah. We were tasked with choosing a product (it had to be an underdog) and creating an advertising campaign from start to finish across three channels: print, TVC or web video and ambient.

We chose NightRider (the late night bus service) as our product and we definitely came across some challenges, but managed to come up with a pretty stellar idea that scored us a High Distinction. Win all around I say.

The big idea we came up with was to personalise the bus service by creating a character who we called Nate Ryder. The idea was to create a campaign around this character and to encourage the consumers to engage with Nate.

The first channel we covered was our online video. Following our presentation we would now remove the NightRider logo at the end. We were really lucky that Laura’s cousin, Nate was a very talented actor and could help us out. Big props to him.

The next channel was print media. We chose the Here’s Looking At You section of the MX newspaper that’s distributed on Melbourne Metro trains. There would be a series of date ads over a two week period. All ads would be placed by Nate Ryder and be something like the one shown below. Over the two week period, readers would start to realise that Nate Ryder was someone interesting and start looking for answers.

Print Ad

Lastly, our final channel was outdoor. We decided to go straight to where our customers are. Nightclubs. We created a series of decals that would be placed all over bathrooms in clubs that encouraged party goers to text their postcode to 199-NATE and then receive a text about their next bus services and all relevant bus station information.

NightRider_Sticker_big_long NightRider_Sticker_I_go NightRider_Sticker_Jump_On NightRider_Sticker_Ride_Me NightRider_Sticker_Route

Pretty neat, huh? This campaign for NightRider could be expanded across more channels and has lots of legs. It was one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I have ever executed. It certainly helped that our group worked really well together and we had the help of our superstar lecturer, Cam along the way. We were all very proud of our work, and better than that, Cam really liked it too.

So this is a small snippet of why I have been MIA since earlier this year. I plan to get cracking on some fashion and cooking posts, so watch this space xx


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