My love affair with Monki

Swedish Style with Monki
Monki , $57 / Monki party top, $64 / Monki velvet pants, $26 / Monki genuine leather boots, $83 / Monki bib necklace, $19 / Monki , $10 / Oki, $13 / Cruella Braclet, $13
I have three loves in my life. My boyfriend, Food and Monki. I had the pleasure of discovering this amazing Swedish brand when I was living in London, a Swedish girl I worked with told me about them. Ia said the brand suited my style, and she couldn’t have been more right. I love Monki!
The items I have chosen are mostly from their new range Rock the Night with a couple of others thrown in too for a complete outfit. Whilst I love every piece in this set, I absolutely MUST have the Jonna Sweat sparkle jacket. At such reasonable prices, Monki is definitely hard to beat. For those of my readers lucky enough to live in Europe, you can shop online or in one of their amazing stores. For those of you elsewhere (like myself), unfortunately you  can only admire Monki from afar as they don’t ship outside of Europe yet 😦
Monki designs aim to enable the customer to express their own personality and they always take care to look after the environment and how their clothes are manufactured. Definitely the kind of brand to keep on your radar. I hope you fall in love with them like I did.


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